Women of Annenberg

A Celebration of the Women of Annenberg

A few days ago, my boss Willow Bay, asked me how I came up with this idea to honor the Women of Annenberg. I gave her a press release statement about it being timely because it was Women’s History Month. Truth is, however, that I probably would have found a lesser reason to do this exhibition in September, October, November or January.

We don’t need a reason to celebrate us.

Collectively, we represent some of the best minds in the country at any academic institution. We are bold, beautiful, benevolent and brave. We are tireless professionals, devoted mothers, loving wives, caregivers to aging parents and sisters in the struggle to keep it all together.

We are Annenberg. And, I’m not just talking about those of us who teach.

All of us here contribute to the success of this school and its various programs. From the ladies who keep our buildings clean and spotless, to the women who implement the curriculum policies, we rock it every day. This sort of inclusiveness was really the genesis behind this project. We do a lot of talking about diversity and the issues that remind us that we are separate and unequal. More often than not, however, it’s all talk and precious little walk.

I grew up surrounded by women who encouraged me to pursue all of my dreams but to never forget that despite my socio-economic status in life, I was no better than anyone who had less. It’s that spirit I bring to this project. These photos represent women from all walks of life. And what my students and I discovered through this process was that there was a common thread that ran through all of us.

We love. We laugh. We live. We do the best with what we have.

We are our sister’s keeper.

— Miki Turner, March 2016

Thank you to the students of Miki Turner's Spring 2016 Journalism 330 class, who shot all the photos and video for this project.

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